Personal Qualities of an Excellent CEO
The evolution of the business industry has taken quite an interesting transformation over a couple of decades. The business world has witnessed three revolutions take place – The Industrial Revolution, The Information Revolution and currently the Social Revolution. Companies are finding it hard to retain great employees and a question of loyalty is sparking debates amongst industries today.

Personal Qualities of an Excellent CEO

Great CEO’s and MD’s with exceptional track records of success and turnarounds find themselves failing to retain key employees that play a huge role in the build-up to success. Let us look at crucial leader personnel qualities that a great employer should obtain in this modern age of the Social Revolution.

Studying The Human Nature
: Every Leader in a business needs to understand that the most important product that they have in a business are the people around them. When a leader forsakes and plays a blind eye to this awareness and rather perceives the business has only evolving around him/her, that is when the moths start to eat away. Your employees make you and the business look good and therefore; it is important for you to take good care of them sincerely. When your care is not authentic but rather just professional your employees will see through it. Gone are the days where employees worked for just a salary and survival – employees in this Social Revolution care the most about their quality of life. It is crucial to pay attention and think about your employees’ dreams, goals and purpose. The attention to such detail sets a leader apart and results in higher retainability and loyalty from employees.

Managing an Ego
: It is a given and fair enough for one in such a high position with great accolades and splendor of compliments to have an Ego. The issue arises when a leader fails to control the ego they have acquired from success. A healthy Ego is necessary for a great leader. When you’re trying to accomplish anything challenging, it helps to have that voice in your brain telling you “You’re the one who can make this happen.” You need to have faith in yourself and your talents. However, an unrestrained ego can be a negative influence. It could prevent you from acknowledging that you need to learn anything or convince you not to think about your areas for improvement. It can prevent you from speaking up or seizing an opportunity when it manifests.

A touch of humility is necessary for a great leader to run a business; a touch of humility makes people and your employees want to work with you. A company is made up of different people with different personalities and cultures and therefore a touch of humility can be the gel that blends the differences apart towards a common goal and target. People will listen, trust and commit more through the influence of your humility. Humility promotes better listening, increased collaboration, and more compassionate leadership. It fosters greater authenticity and a constant desire to learn. These characteristics result in better outcomes for both leaders and their teams. Leaders who are humble are not afraid to make mistakes.

A CEO wields enormous power over any company that they control. If your reputation as a leader is tarnished, the company will almost certainly suffer. A strong, consistent approach from the CEO or Director, on the other hand, can have a positive effect on a company. As much as the employees represent the company, the leader’s reputation is crucial to the company. Workers and prospective clients may avoid working with a leader who has a bad reputation in the industry. Employees may begin to leave the company if the leader develops a bad reputation and negatively represents the company and its people. According to research, a CEO’s reputation is a fundamental driver of corporate reputation and has a consistent impact on market value; nearly half of a company’s value is attributable to its CEO. Simple soft skills such as honesty, integrity, and a positive personality all contribute significantly to a CEO’s reputation.

Social Media:
As a CEO, knowing how to use social media can be a great quality and an opportunity to present yourself and your company in a positive light. Sharing posts about the company, projects completed, new hires, and press or news. Social media usage by CEO’s is also a great way to humanize the company by putting a face and a name behind the brand. You can also communicate with your stakeholders through social media. You can use social media to engage not only with employees, but also with other stakeholders such as board members. The usage adds on a great reputation for a leader and the company they represent. Social Media builds a culture that respects the viewpoints of others, and promotes engagement. Social Media will not only promote business and sales, Social Media also promotes influence and a following towards your leadership beyond the industry.

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