Innovation and Strategy in the Healthcare Sector from a CX Perspective
Business over the last decade have been threatening to close the digital divide. The opportunity for remote working has topped the employee wish list as an engagement driver. Business continuance and contingency plans have prided the business risk agendas. In 2020, in a matter of hours the “snowball effect” came to life as the global economy started shutting down, country by country, instigated by a virus commonly labelled Covid-19. Even that label is already outdated with the various mutations of the original virus.

In a world that cannot remember anything BCBefore COVID – it is critical that we don’t get left behind in the strategic development of our infrastructure and support from Business to Customer.

The truth is that businesses and employees have to become a lot more agile in thinking and execution on how business should be best conducted in this New World Thinking.

COVID has forced an accelerated performance in the IT sector of all business Capabilities – Healthcare is no exception.

No Touch – This is not just a recommendation or preference of Introverts – It has become Mandatory and Law in many instances.  It has also been a massive catalyst in Technology Growth and Development in Industry – Both Private and Public Sectors.

How have companies adapted to this? Can this be sustained? What is the future of CX and Technology for Strategic innovation?

Companies for many years refused to allow their people to work remotely in many business contexts that suited this requirement for fear of the negative impacts on the business – Employees have begged for this change for years but never saw the possibilities of this Dream ever coming to fruition – The more they hoped – they more they knew it may never happen.

Covid changed that – Today more and more people are begging for the opportunity to go back to the office – to interact with people but to also have a better work-life Balance – Between work from home and Work from Office.  Employers have come to the party also showing their dedication and support to the business requirements in many cases, indicating that they can be more productive in instances to sustain this changed thinking, forcing employers to better trust their employees.

Customers – Have in many cases seen the benefits of a more focussed and dedicated workforce but have also been a little more tolerant and patient toward companies going through this transition.  Sadly some companies have exploited customers trust by using it as an excuse to deliver Mediocre Service.  (Please note that many of our teams are currently working from home due to Covid Protocols) This too needs to adapt quicker.

Technology – For years we felt that IT infrastructure was not capable of supporting this work from home initiative and we felt that this may be too advanced for our ageing customer base or … – We had many excuses to not execute an innovative IT solution.

Today, we have all adapted – Customer, Employee and Companies.  The customer demanded that we interact with him in a manner that reduces his personal risk – More Virtual touchpoints have been introduced in a manner that is easy to interact – Not requiring the customer to have an IT Degree to interact with our on-line platforms or our Call centres etc.

Case Study – Healthcare – Philips Middle East, Turkey and Africa

We have implemented a No Touch but Customer First Solution across our region that has many touch points that focus on making virtual solutions easy to access and quick to resolve.

We currently resolve any system issue in our Healthcare portfolio with the First Access point of Virtual Touch points and Customer First mindsets to the extent that more than 45% of all issues are resolved for Hospitals Remotely – Without any visit, reducing exposure to Healthcare workers and Patients as part of our Customer First Strategy.  Using Key innovation criteria in supporting software to also proactively resolve something, using key Algorithms to fix a problem that the customer may not even be aware of.

COVID has been tough on everyone – Some of The only benefits we have seen is that there has been a larger Global concern for people’s lives.  Doing everything possible to protect people.  Creating innovative Customer, Patient, Employee and Employer solutions to ensure that life on this planet becomes more sustainable.

More Global Organizations will continue to look at this kind of Innovation that will keep them relevant in the Future.  Reducing Carbon Footprint and creating a more Circular Economy has also become the topic for Driving Innovative change to ensure that we have a future.  Hopefully, this becomes the generation that never forgets or never becomes complacent again – Taking for granted that life will evolve, someone else will be instrumental in developing our systems to support customers better.  This is now all of our responsibilities – We need to see that if we don’t own it – Someone else will own us.

Richard Chetty

Operations LeaderAfrica, Middle East & Turkey, Philips Healthcare
Keynote Speaker and Panelist

Disclaimer: The above represents the personal views and thoughts of Richard Chetty and is not necessary the views of Philips Healthcare.

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