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About Denise Sonny.

We are a highly experienced team of Executive Search & Recruitment professionals with an extensive international network, combined with the understanding of recruiting into local and global markets, and offer an unrivalled advisory to capitalise on business strategy. We have a track record of delivery that understands the diversity of skills required for effective Workforce Planning, Leadership & Productivity, ensuring our clients will continue to leverage growth beyond 2030. We are Subject Matter Experts in each of our chosen vertical markets with unrivalled access to a rich network of passive candidates.

To lead the delivery of a bold new digital world to your customers, we believe that you need to build partnerships that will leverage your vision. At Denise Sonny, we have a passion to empower and inspire today’s leaders to become future pioneers. Effective leadership is today’s answer to a thriving economy, and we contribute to this investment by providing integrated and seamless executive search and recruitment solutions to our current and future partners. Our mission is to continuously deliver solutions that are future-focused, and to leverage the power of connections.

from our founder.

“If you don’t believe in your brand, then do not expect anyone else to believe in it.”

I have often maintained that your brand is your identity, it sets the tone for everything you think, speak and action. In a world where there are many followers, I believe in authenticity, integrity, and reputation, and this has been the foundation to my successes. 

It is said that a good name is better than precious ointment, for it gives identity to the business and creates value for the customers. 

I have been fortunate to surround myself with amazing people who have helped DENISE SONNY, the brand get to this place of achieving our next. And I invite you to partner with us in achieving your next.


Denise Sonny
chief integrator & founder

What Our clients say.

Our Strategy.

  • Collaboration – We partner clients to understand the holistic view of your business and industry environments to deliver and raise awareness on employer brand. This is a vital step in executing capability delivery.
  • Business Process Optimisation – Contribute to shaping and delivering business transformation projects to respond to clients’ business challenges, helping to increasing organisational efficiency by improving processes.
  • Stakeholder Engagements – We hold strategic conversations at EXCO level talent challenges within business and industry
  • Market Intelligence – We gather market intelligence, including market trends, competitor information, and insights that enable our action plan
  • Adopt A “Go To Market” Strategy – Design, implement and execute the operational plan aligned with organisations’ strategic vision and business model, succession plans, challenges, corporate and divisional culture, and that of the organisation. We are experienced in business development, value proposition, strategy development, proposals, presentations and targeting leadership. Our initiatives develop winning value propositions.
  • Recruiting For Diversity – We contribute to enhancing clients Diversity & Inclusion agendas by identifying and pursuing the desired candidate profiles for each type of search. We attract diverse candidates through more carefully worded job postings, offering work schedule flexibility, using assessments, and tapping into novel candidate pipelines.
  • Ownership – We provide full accountability and ownership for the entire talent management process, ensuring KPI’s are set, analysed and achieved for all clients.
  • Create A Winning Value Proposition – We develop strategies and tactics designed to entrench the loyalty of existing clients and secure increased revenue and market share for clients.
  • Leverage Shareholder Value – We provide a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship with businesses through the provision of elite talent as well as talent intelligence. Always preparing and progressing clients from a 2020 vision to a 2030 vision.

Why US.

  • Our Talent Management Ecosystem complements your current initiative in Digital & Transformational Leadership, providing a high level network of capabilities in elevating your EVP, and enhancing your Customer Experience. 
  • From addressing corruption in Mozambique, ensuring NYSC certificates are held in Nigeria; to achieving Emiratisation in the UAE; we continue to upskill on our knowledge of in-country regulations to deliver against your compliance mandates.
  • Our deep understanding of various organisational cultures, hybrid and engaged workforces, virtual recruiting, industry knowledge, and competitive insight has positioned us to be at the forefront of successful delivery. 
  • We have made it our number one priority to remain at the helm of an evolving world by transforming our learning of the new digital world to success stories for our clients.
  • We constantly promote your vision by providing you with connections and capabilities that leverage your shareholder value
  • We have access to a global network of capabilities that has been established over 17 years in the making

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